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Specialised Home Loans have experienced lending manager who work on giving you the client the best there is to offer, with a whole variety of lenders to choose from,with the payment for our services coming from the lender and not the client.

New Home Loans

If it is a new home loan you are looking for, then Specialised Home Loans takes pride in bringing a home loan that suits your needs. With the lowest rates at offer without the pressure from banks

Refinancing Options

If it is refinancing your mortgage that you require then with our experience and expertise we will make it our commitment to get the results other brokers would not

Commercial Lending

If commercial lending is what you are needing, we have completed a vast range of commercial lending for our existing clients and would welcome any type of scenario brought to us.

Credit Impaired Loans

If it is a credit impaired loan or you have a bad credit history then we have a solution to get you back into the market to buy a new home or get the home you once had. As well as refinance options

Short Term Finance

If it is short term finance that is necessary to fit the gap, or monies needed in quick notice for situations relating to residential or commercial borrowings, then we have got you covered

Vehicle, Truck, Farming and Aviation Finance

If it is finance to buy the family car, or the luxury car you’ve dreamed about, a truck to start a business to a fleet with growth. How about aviation for any use or farming machinery needed.

Personal Loans

If it is a personal loan that you require for any type of scenario speak with us today and we can have you owning that special something within days

Low Doc with no Financials Lending

If it is a low doc loan you are requiring, with not having done your financials, then once again we have the best possible solution that will tailor to your needs to make it happen

Construction and development Loans

If it is a construction loan or development funding that is required, with our range of lenders and our proven ability to make things happen we are confident in bringing your project to life

We enjoy getting your deals across the line and making things happen for you & your family.  And you know what?  The thing we love the most is watching your wealth build right in front of our eyes!

Hard Working

We work tirelessly until your loan is across the line.  If it doesn’t look possible we will tell you.  But we are confident with all types of situations.

Fast Approval

Conditional approval is typically obtained within 24 hours.

Passionate About You

We are passionate about what we do & your deals and we are dedicated to making things work for you.

More Scope

As we work with a panel of lenders that specialise in a variety of scenarios, we have a lot of scope to tailor the approval to suit your specific needs & circumstances.